Alert From Our Patrol

Video of theft from automobile on El Prado.

We are passing on a reminder from our patrol leadership, Sgt. Perez, about locking the doors of your cars while they are in your driveway.  We just had someone rifling through a car on El Prado in the middle of the afternoon (not a member and not during patrol hours).  Clearly, by leaving  car doors open, we will encourage this kind of activity.  If we are more vigilant and lock those doors we can discourage activity in the area.  Please partner with our patrol efforts and do your part by always locking those car doors.

Utopia Homeowner Security Association

Alert: Solicitation/Door-to-Door Donation Requests

Two males (late teens, early 20s) were recently reported going door to door soliciting money for St. Jude on behalf of an organization called Future Leaderz. We do not believe this is a legitimate organization nor is it affiliated with St. Jude. Utopia Patrol has been notified.
While not all solicitation may have malicious intent please note these general safety reminders:
      • Do not provide personal information and/or payment to unverified individuals.
      • If someone comes to your door claiming to be with an organization or company (example utility company),  ask them to provide identification.
      • Report any suspicious activity by calling the Utopia Patrol hotline.

Stay safe,
Your Utopia Homeowners Security Association

Utopia AGM Recap

If you did not get a chance to attend this year’s AGM here are the highlights:

  • Approximately 56 association members attended our event.
  • In addition to meeting with our Utopia Patrol, members were introduced to Commander Daniel Kerr who was recently assigned to the Grove, as well as, officer Javier Pico who has been assigned for community policing in South Coconut Grove.
  • Board provided membership and financial updates.
  • Members shared their concerns about traffic and other theft related incidents. The commander assured members that the neighborhood will notice  increased activity of non-UHSA patrol officers since the city has know assigned a regular duty officer to the South Grove.

Notice of upcoming changes/events (Information to follow):

  • UHSA will be changing the URL for its website.
  • Association will be hosting a Movie Night event in March.  Date TBA.

If you are interested in volunteering or have any other questions about the meeting, please email

Thanks for your Support


1 Day Left: Utopia’s Annual General Meeting (1/29)

Please join us tomorrow!


When:  Sunday, January 29th, 4-6 pm
Where:  In the park at La Playa & Ventura

What: Come hear about the current status of the association, vote for the upcoming year’s board of directors, meet with the new Coconut Grove Commander, and socialize with other members of our association.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your Utopia Homeowners Security Association


Alert: Car Theft


A household  at 4052  Ventura had two vehicles stolen during the night.

The thieves disarmed their closed gate, broke into the locked garage, and into their two locked cars.  They managed to steal  a  BMW SUV and  a brand new custom Corvette.
When it was discovered at 6:50 this morning, Ofc Diez was on  patrol.  All the proper reports have been filed, and our officer asked that we send a blast alerting our community and asking for any possible camera footage of suspicious vehicles and/or a flatbed truck in the neighborhood during the early hours of 1/24/23.  If you have any information please contact Gale Patron our Police Liaison at