Utopia Security Update

Miami Police Department Crime Reporting Map

Hello Members,

This message is both a reminder and a thank you.  As you see from the crime map (Miami City Police website – dated 4/1/22 -8/29/22) our Utopia Security neighborhood, bounded on the north by Poinciana and on the south by Bonita Ave, shows very little criminal activity, especially when compared to the surrounding neighborhoods.  

First a reminder, please keep your car doors locked and remove any valuables (including key fobs). Second, a big thank you for your support. Your membership dues keep Utopia Police Patrols running in our neighborhood, and that thwarts criminal activity.  With an active Police Patrol and proactive security awareness by all members, we will continue to enjoy living in one of Miami’s safest neighborhoods.

Stay safe,
Your Utopia Homeowners Security Association

A Utopia Homeowners Security Reminder



Day or night, unlocked cars are easy targets.  Our patrol officers offer this simple but very effective remedy –   keep your car doors locked and all valuables removed.     There have been either car break-ins or car thefts around the area (Gables, South Grove) so do not make it easy for these opportunistic thieves.  The simple act of securing your car goes a long way to making our area an undesirable target.

Message From the President

Dear Members,

We looked forward to holding our Annual Members Meeting in person this year, but due to COVID concerns, decided to cancel.  We decided to replicate what we did last year in place of our annual meeting.  You will receive reports via US mail and an email towards the end of January asking you to approve the board for 2022. To vote, simply reply to that email. We are grateful for everyone’s attention and participation.

Proposed Board for 2022
Corinne Collins – President
Lucas Azar – Vice President & Membership
Gale Patron – Police Liaison
Maureen Pelham – Secretary & Member Liaison
Glenn Patron – Treasurer
Sean Reichert – Member at Large
Jo-Ann Forster – Member at Large
Sam Dobrow – Website/Tech
Annette La Greco – Member at Large
Matt Dillon – Membership
Stephanie Zielinski – Communications

While 2021 was a difficult time for many, our association thrived with a determined attitude and hard work. Our patrol continued to successfully deter crime in our area. Over the next year, the board will focus on membership development, financial oversight, and patrol management. We appreciate our current and newer members for their continued support. We are only as strong as our membership and always look to you for help in numerous ways. Whether you are interested in joining the board, volunteering, or have feedback, we want to hear from you! And be sure to check in from time to time at our website https://utopiahoa.com for all the latest news.


Corinne Collins