Update on Party House at 4080 Ensenada Ave.

Dear Members,

This message is to update you on the vacant property at 4080 Ensenada.  As you know, there have been numerous complaints about short-term rentals and large noisy events held at this property.  The City of Miami Code Enforcement had issued a code violation on this property, with a hearing set for Oct. 23rd.  As of yesterday, the property has been put on the market for sale and the listing for short term rentals on Airbnb has been removed from the website.
It would seem that this property has now come into compliance.  Contacting  Miami Code Enforcement has gained, in this case, the positive resolution we sought. 


Utopia Board

Update on 4080 Ensenada Ave Party House

Utopia Members,
I just received a reply to my complaint  with instructions from Community Support at Airbnb to reach the right people with our complaint.

 I would like to share this link with my neighbors.

If you click on :  

and follow the instructions you will be able to fill out, anonymously, a form that will give Airbnb a reason to contact and take action regarding the disturbances and  sordid issues of the  rental of   4080 Ensenada  as a party house.

 I did this and received a nice reply and a case number for follow up.

 Glenn Patron

4050 Ventura Ave

Coconut Grove, FL





UPDATE: 4080 Ensenada Ave code violation


Dear Utopia Members,

As you are already aware the property at 4080 Ensenada (which is currently vacant) has been rented out for short term rentals as well as large events. This is a violation of the Miami 21 code for T3 zones (which our area is). This has come to the attention of the Utopia Homeowners’ Security Association because our officers on our usual patrols have had to control the crowds and cars on numerous occasions at this property. We are currently seeking reimbursement for our patrol costs from the owner of this property.

A complaint has been brought to Code Enforcement for the City of Miami on 4080 Ensenada Ave resulting in a notice of violation being issued specific to illegal short term rentals. The owner has until Oct. 3rd to correct the violation(s) and to notify the inspector. Otherwise the owner must appear before the Code Enforcement Board. If found guilty and they fail to correct the violation(s) the Code Enforcement Board can impose fines of up to $250 per day for each day the violations(s) remains uncorrected. Unpaid fines will become liens against this property.

We want all members of the Utopia Homeowners’ Security Association in the immediate area of this property to be aware of what is currently happening with this problematic vacant property. We also want to inform all our members that any short term rental is not legal in this area (Miami 21 – Article 1 Section 1.1 and Article 4 Table 3). If you see continued inappropriate activity at 4080 Ensenada Ave, please contact the code inspector Dennis Uriarte at 305 416-2137 or through email at duriarte@miamigov.com referencing the address or the Cr# CE2019018349.

If you become aware of any property that is causing issues due to short term rentals, it is our individual responsibility to notify the City of Miami Code Enforcement office. They will only act, if we/you act.


The Utopia Board

Disturbances at Vacation Rental (AirBnB) Properties in Utopia

AirBnB event at the Park at Ensenada and Ventura – Numerous intoxicated UM students arriving with cases of beer and handles of liquor. Complaints of littering, public intoxication, abusive language, vomiting, and urination on neighbor properties.

Dear Utopia Security Association Homeowners:

It has come to our attention that several homes in our neighborhood are actively short term renting their property through AirBnB and other online vacation rental sites. Some recent rental events have caused a security concern which your board feels should be addressed. In the past few weeks, events at these properties have caused our patrol to be diverted toward attending to disorderly conduct, parking, and traffic disturbances. Your UHSA volunteer board members believe that these vacation rentals may be in violation of zoning or other ordinances. We have lodged a complaint with one property owner. We are also looking at actions that UHSA might take to limit these disturbances and ensure that all neighbors are able to peacefully enjoy the use of their property.

We may need an organized effort to contact our elected officials to enforce appropriate zoning and regulations. We will keep you posted, but please feel free to contact your elected representatives if you wish.

City Officials:

Mayor Francis Suarez
Commissioner Ken Russell


Your Utopia Homeowners Security Association Board

Utopia Homeowners’ Security Association Update

Dear Members,

This message is to apprise you of some upcoming pay rate hikes for our patrol officers. The city is instituting a pay rate hike this September of 12.3% which will be followed by another one next September of 9.9%.   We are working hard to enhance our membership and keep our monthly dues unchanged as well as minimize cuts to our patrol hours.  So this information is just to keep our membership informed about the current situation for the association.

As always, thank you for all your support for the Utopia Homeowners’ Security Association.


Utopia Board



Remembering Hurricane Andrew #BahamaStrong

Aerial view of Abaco Island, Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian.

Here in Miami we are all able to sigh with relief that hurricane Dorian is headed away but its story has just begun. What Dorian did to the Bahamas is far beyond what happened to Miami during hurricane Andrew. It took years to rebuild Homestead where resources could come by truck. In the Bahamas, everything will need to be airlifted and shipped in. The entire nation of the Bahamas is a disaster zone. Its time to help our neighbor. The first thing we can do is send supplies. #BahamaStrong, organized by the City of Miami, is gathering and delivering relief supplies to our Bahamian neighbors. You can learn more about relief efforts being organized to help victims of hurricane Dorian here: [click]

The message below originated from Commissioner Ken Russel’s office this morning:

Here is an updated list of supplies needed – Hurricane Dorian Donation Items – #BahamaStrong – Please share forward… every little bit helps!

Generators & fuel cans (empty)
Tarpaulins/large & small
Tents/all sizes with mosquito screens if possible
Sun shades
1/4 inch nylon line/cord
Grace ice & water shield
Solar flash lights
Battery operated flash lights
Double A/Triple A batteries
Gas powered portable grills & gas bottles
BBQs & propane bottles
Large alloy/stainless pots/pans
Skill saws
Battery operated drills
Philosophy head drill bits
Screws/Philips head
110 volt fans
Yoga mats to sleep on
Sleeping mats
Chain saws
Portable Air Conditioning units for medical tents
Re usable water bottles
Bench freezer (ice)
Fridge (medical)
Re usable ice packs
Toilet paper
Dish liquid
Powdered detergent for washing clothes
Large capacity ice maker (commercial)

Baby food/pouches/formula
Dry goods as much as possible
Items that only require water to re hydrate
Rice in sealed plastic bags/quick cook if possible
Dried vegetables
Dried Pasta
Dried soups
Dried fruit
Granola bars
Powdered milk
Powdered drinks/Gatorade
Long life milk
Zip lock bags/gallon/quart
Durable plastic plates
Knives & forks
Salt & pepper

Insect repellent/all forms
Gauze pads
Alcohol swabs
Anti bacterial ointments
Saline solutions
Feminine products
Body wash/antibacterial

Here’s where you can donate and/or volunteer this week from 9am-6pm in Coconut Grove:

Greater St. Paul AME Church: 3680 Thomas Ave
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Christ Episcopal Church:
3475 William Ave
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

All City of Miami Fire Stations
You can find the one closest to you on Google Maps

Thank you for being part of the #BahamaStrong Relief efforts!

Hurricane Dorian – A Reminder From Lt. Lai

Utopia Members,

As you all know South Florida is within the cone of concern for Hurricane Dorian.   So, I would like to pass on a reminder from our police patrol leadership:

“Please remember that if and when, the Miami Police Department’s emergency procedures for hurricanes is activated, we will not be able to patrol Utopia on our regular schedule until the emergency is lifted.  It is still a little early to tell but given the forecasts, it  is a possibility.  I  also urge all residents to properly prepare and have a sufficient amount of water, medications and supplies for themselves, family members and pets.   Also, power outages have always been a concern in Coconut Grove, so please be mindful of that as well.

The City of Miami Emergency Management website for additional links and information on Hurricane Preparedness.  http://archive.miamigov.com/EmergencyManagement/

Thank you and if you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out.”

Lt.  Lai




Follow-up From Utopia Annual General Meeting

As a result of various complaints expressed at the Annual Meeting, our Utopia Homeowners’ Security Board contacted the corporate offices of both FedEx and UPS regarding concerns about their delivery trucks speeding in our neighborhood.  Both companies were sympathetic to and understanding of the situation.

They advised and ordered the local Miami supervisors to specifically promise that they would instruct drivers making deliveries in our area to observe the speed limits and use extra caution on our narrow streets.

We believe this will somewhat alleviate the speeding we have been aware of for far too long.  Your Utopia Board working for you!

Another Super Fun Family Utopia Movie Night

Many thanks to the Utopia board members Jo-Ann Forster and
Sean Reichert, who sponsored the Utopia Movie Night including 
the snow cone truck and piles of pizza.
We are all grateful to them for making this night possible.
Many families joined us in the park for an evening of socializing,
movie watching, laughs and just plain fun.

Security Update & Alert

This is an update from our Lt. Lai regarding criminal activity around our area, she states:  “There have been several incidents in the deep Grove area in the last couple of weeks.  Most of the incidents have been in the areas surrounding Utopia.   They have occurred from Battersea, Main Highway, North Bay Home’s Drive, and the latest near Merrie Christmas Park.  The incidents include attempting to break into homes, actually breaking in, and breaking into numerous vehicles.  There are several video incidents with vehicles, it is clear to see a subject who walks up to every car door trying until he finds cars that are open.  There appears to be a group of individuals targeting the area.  Although the individuals doing the home break-ins appear to be different from the person involved with the cars.  There was an incident a day ago on Malaga, in our area, where someone went onto the property but did not go into the home.  We still classify that as a burglary.  On a side note, I also stopped an individual who was walking around taking pictures who was staying at an Air B&B.  You have a few people within Utopia renting out their properties.  Please be aware of this within your area as it brings a lot more transient people”.
 Lt. Lai reminds us to lock our vehicles, use alarms and report any suspicious activity.  Our patrol’s presence continues to deter, however this rash of activity right on our border is looking to be a problem, so stay vigilant and know that our officers are keenly aware of this up tick in criminal activity.